OpenGnsys Enterprise download area

OpenGnsys Enterprise 2.0 provides a way to easily install and keep your OpenGnsys installation up-to-date through packages for Ubuntu 18.04.


OpenGnsys Enterprise 2.0 provides a simple shell script installer and packages for Ubuntu 18.04 including latest feature and bugfix available in the community repositories.

Download OpenGnsys Enterprise 2.0 installer for Ubuntu 18.04

Once you install OpenGnsys Enterprise 2.0, you can maintain your setup up-to-date through:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

ogClient for Windows

ogClient for Windows is an agent that allows you to perform administrative tasks on Windows 10 through the administrative web interface ogCP and the command line tool ogCLI.

Download ogClient for Windows

sha256sum: 4495fea90d5a16861f76efaae59a899eef9ce00f9a174ef4c7c70604a8b77e68

ogClient for Linux

ogClient for Linux enables perfoming administrative tasks on Linux clients.

Download ogClient for Linux

sha256sum: b3c4159e1de05735e3c35bb26886452885e60e6bdbfbea8561f6496bce08cca4