Get started with OpenGnsys VDI

What is OpenGnsys VDI?

OpenGnsys VDI is a hypervisor OS to virtualize desktop environments for the OpenGnsys ecosystem.

OpenGnsys VDI simplifies OS image tailoring and saves time to system administrators who only need to build one image for your desktop computer and run it everywhere!.

OpenGnsys VDI features are:

  • Native integration with OpenGnsys (since 1.2.0).

  • Simplified OS image tailoring.

  • Remote access to desktops through VNC.

OpenGnsys VDI features

OpenGnsys allows you to manage and deploy Operating System (OS) images over bare metal computers. Starting OpenGnsys 1.2.0, you can also use it to deploy OS images over a virtual machine to virtualize your desktop computer.

This comes with seveval benefits:

  • Simplify image OS tailoring by standarizing the underlying desktop hardware configuration. This is particularly useful if you have to deal with heterogenous desktop hardware.

  • Remote access to you desktop through VNC.

OpenGnsys VDI requirements

You have to install OpenGnsys to run OpenGnsys VDI.

OpenGnsys VDI integrates seamlessly into an existing OpenGnsys installation.

OpenGnsys VDI concepts

OpenGnsys VDI simplifies Operating System (OS) image management and deployment through virtualization.

Host Computer
Host Computer
OpenGnsysVDI OS
OpenGnsysVDI OS
Guest OS
Guest OS
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  • The host computer is your regular bare metal desktop computer.

  • OpenGnsys VDI provides an hypervisor OS, which runs your desktop OS on top of a Virtual Machine (VM).

  • OgClient is the client service that receives commands from the OgServer to remote control on your desktop computers and to perform administrative and maintainance commands to your desktop computers. OgServer provides a REST API which is used by OgCLI and the web front-end to send administrative commands to the desktop computers.

  • The desktop guest OS is your end user desktop OS, such as Microsoft Windows(R) or any Linux distribution of your choice.

Download OpenGnsys VDI ISO

OpenGnsys VDI provides the OS image that virtualizes your desktop computer. OpenGnsys VDI works both with the OpenGnsys Enterprise and community editions.

Download OpenGnsys VDI snapshot image (2021-Nov-03)

sha256sum: 6a7c146cf863ec7f965aa898c3dcfa37a63d8c86dbdbfe9102b14c096dbd6c86

Download VDI installation manual

How to install it

OpenGnsys VDI is simple and easy if you already have an OpenGnsys deployment in your network.

Download and install image on an USB
Download and install...
Install OpenGnsys VDI on host machine
Install OpenGnsys VD...
Configure OpenGnsys for server connection
Configure OpenGnsys...
Install your fresh new guest OS
Install your fresh n...
Restore your guest OS image
Restore your guest O...
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In a nutshell:

  • Download the OpenGnsys VDI image, burn it a USB stick and boot from it. Then, install it on a bare metal desktop computer.

  • Once you have installed OpenGnsys VDI, you can generate an OS image for your collection of OpenGnsys OS images and restore through OgLive.

  • OpenGnsys VDI provides an easy-to-use control plane to install your guest OS.

For more details, please check the user guide available at the Download section.

Can we help you?

We, together with the wonderful OpenGnsys community, are constantly improving and adding new features so feel free get in touch with us at if you find a bug or if you have a feature request :)