OpenGnsys 1.2.0 packages for Ubuntu

Soleta Networks announces general availability of the Ubuntu 18.04 packages for the upcoming OpenGnsys 1.2.0 release.

The upcoming OpenGnsys 1.2.0 release is major milestone in the development process including major enhancements such as OgClient that have been sponsored by Soleta Networks.

The 1.2.0 series includes many updates features:

  • New OgClient component which replaces OgAdmClient.

  • New communication protocol from OgServer and OgClient.

  • Removal of ogAdmAgent, the task scheduler has been merged into OgServer.

  • Improvements in WakeOnLan support.

  • Integration with systemd.

  • New OgServer configuration file in JSON format.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (OpenGnsys VDI) support which allows you to virtualize your desktop environment.

  • ... and bugfixes.

The upcoming release also supports for OpenGnsys VDI that allows you to virtualize your desktop computer.

Soleta Networks is the top leading contributor to the project OpenGnsys in this release series 1.2.0, in cooperation with several Spanish public University.