web console and OgAgent enters EoL in August 2024

The following OpenGnsys Enterprise components available for Ubuntu 20.04 LS will enter End of Life (EoL) in August 2024:

  • legacy web interface (also known as "web console"), which is replaced by the new ogCP web front-end.
  • ogAgent, which is replaced by ogClient. There are versions of ogClient available for Linux and Windows in our download area. To ease migration, both ogAgent and ogClient can be installed in the same computer.

ogCP is already provided by default by the OpenGnsys Enterprise installer. Please, check documentation for more information on to access it.

Make sure your ogCP web interface is up to date with the following commands:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade ogcp

Contact us at opengnsys@soleta.eu if you have any question.