OpenGnsys VLAN support

Great news! VLAN support just landed in OpenGnsys Enterprise.

This new feature allows any OpenGnsys Enterprise administrator to add or delete any valid ogServer address into the database and also modify any client's associated server address.

The server running OpenGnsys Enterprise can now be configured with multiple VLAN interfaces. Clients can boot into the ogLive environment using the corresponding server VLAN interface address thanks to a custom ogClient configuration file based on the ogServer address.

Be sure to update your OpenGnsys Enterprise installation. The related packages and their version in which VLAN support landed is as follows:

  • ogCLI 0.3.1-1
  • ogClient 1.3.1-4
  • ogServer 1.2.4-1

Except for the custom ogClient configuration file, everything related to VLAN in OpenGnsys is configured using ogCLI, the command line frontend of OpenGnsys Enterprise. You can see some examples of use cases below:

  • Add a new ogServer address entry to the OpenGnsys database. In this example the server address is Returns the id of this new server.
$ ogcli add server --address ""
{"id", "2"}
  • List all stored ogServer address in the OpenGnsys database
$ ogcli list servers

  "servers": [
      "address": "",
      "id": 1
      "address": "",
      "id": 2
  • Set server with id 2 as the server of client with address (PXE template needs to be rebuilt after this, i.e.: set boot mode)
$ ogcli set server --id 2 --client-ip
$ ogcli set mode --mode pxe --client-ip
  • You can also set the server of a whole room. Just as before, but using the --room-id parameter.
$ ogcli set server --id 2 --room-id 1
$ ogcli set mode --mode pxe --room-id 1
  • Check for the server address a client is set to connect to when booting ogLive.
$ ogcli list client --client-ip

  "boot": "oglive",
  "center": 1,
  "server_id": 2

As a final step we need to create a custom ogClient file so that clients booting ogLive can use the correct configuration based on their VLAN network.

Following this example, to create a new custom ogClient configuration file to connect to ogServer using its address we need to create a copy of the default config file but changing its name to ogclient-

$ ls -lah /opt/opengnsys/client/ogClient/cfg/
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  372 Sep 14 13:51 ogclient.json
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  378 Aug 28 11:26 ogclient-

After creating the custom configuration file make sure the correct address is used for the "ip" and "ur" fields inside "opengnsys" section. In this example:

$ head /opt/opengnsys/client/ogClient/cfg/ogclient-
    "opengnsys": {
        "ip": "",
        "url": "",

After this, any client for which the ogServer address is set to will use this configuration file instead of the default ogclient.json.

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