What's new on OpenGnsys Enterprise 2.0?

OpenGnsys Enterprise 2.0 was announced on 2022-06-23. Since then, new features and fixes have arrived thanks to our rolling release model, APT repository and packages.

Netbooting memtest: oge-memtest

Did you know that you can easily netboot your computers into memtest86+ for an easy and scalable way of testing your equipment's memory? Binaries and netbooting templates are shipped with the following package: oge-memtest

New installations of OpenGnsys Enterprise ship oge-memtest by default. If your OpenGnsys installation does not have this feature just install the package with the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install oge-memtest

Bash scripts merged into native ogClient code

ogClient is going through a series of patches in which external Bash scripts are being natively merged into Python code in order to improve bug tracing, bug fixing and future development of this component.


python-libfdisk brings libfdisk bindings into Python. Meaning that ogClient, (or any other Python program) can use this library natively. Current version of ogClient uses python-libfdisk to obtain disk and partition information. In the future, it will support modifying the partition table so no external script or subprocess call to fdisk or sfdisk are needed.

New OpenGnsys Enterprise documentation

We are pleased to announce a new section for OpenGnsys Enterprise documentation. In this section you will find the PDF and HTML version of the OpenGnsys Enterprise manual. You can read more about OpenGnsys Enterprise documentation here.

Want help?

We offer different services in case you need tailored support or training for your OpenGnsys environment. You can check the Support section for more information.